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Proudly serving Sudbury and Northern Ontario for over 60 years!

Print is both digital and material

Print can effectively bridge marketing communications, business operations, visual arts, and many more areas between the virtual and real world.  When used in combination with other media, it is easy to see that print resiliently impresses itself in your day-to-day world.

We dig into the details

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that our production matches their expectations. We dig into the details and make sure that every new print, every repeat print, and every imaging print is of the highest quality.

Creative Design

Most projects need a range of graphic work, from basic setup to full design.  We assess what needs to be done and jump right into big or small projects. We will meet with you to take the time to understand an idea you want to illustrate in print.  We will develop that idea with you to come up with an excellent design for your print applications.

Digital & Offset Print

We use a mix of digital and traditional printing machines in print production.  We continually improve upon our toolset, which is an exciting process.  With this, we can be sure that your print jobs are consistently produced at the highest quality.

Large Format Print

We are ready for your large format jobs.  ‘Larger-Than-Life’ prints available on a wide variety of materials for a variety of applications.  Impress your clients with the vision of your company. Ask about designing print applications to promote your company, products, or special events.  The range of display products available is wide, so whatever your idea, we can come up with an application that makes it work in print.













Simplify repeat orders. 
We know when you ordered last, how long it has been in between, and have stored all the necessary files. 
When you need to reorder, it is as simple as a phone call or email away.


You can count on us.
Whether we are dealing with a set of business cards or handling a full design-to-print job,  we take care at every step.
We also take the time to personally deliver your print to you for most jobs.