Use a Tag when something needs to be noticed immediately!

Industrial tags are used to mark off areas, equipment, or products for many different reasons. In many cases handwriting should be considered necessary for a tag because it serves as a kind of form as well. Danger Tags. Welding and Burning Permits. Lockout tags. No problem. We are expertly-equiped to design and print your tags in-house. Our tags are fully customizeable to your requirements.

Tags are actually one of our favourite items to print, and we’ve had a long, successful history printing customized tags for companies in Northern Ontario and beyond.

Card Tags

Plain or printed, matte or index stock; with or without eyelets, square or trimmed corners; economical, sturdy, and easy to write on.

Tyvek Tags

Very effective in rough situations; made with an extremely tough material that is easy to write on and is both waterproof and tearproof; self-laminating tear-proof also available.

Finishing Options

Our tags can come:

  • pre-strung, either with a white cotton string, or with wire;
  • optional to reinforced the hole for stringing:
    • Card Washers are used in Card Tags;
    • Metal Eyelets are used for Tyvek Tags;
  • customizable string/wire length.

Your success is our staff’s top priority!

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