Rigid Mounted Prints

Large Format Prints can stand on their own–when they are mounted!

A mounted print is an image printed on Vinyl Adhesive and applied a desired rigid surface. This is the perfect solution for displaying an image where it needs to stand on its own … with some help.

Coroplast — 1 or 2 sided mounts

Coroplast offers variety of signage possibilities for indoor and outdoor situations. Freestanding outdoor signs (with wire-frames), wall-mounted signage, large signpost mounts, A-frame Sidewalk Signage, or other sign-holding stands that accept thicker media.  Because Coroplast is so versatile, ask us about your idea, it is likely be the best option.

MDF  — 1 or 2 sided mounts

MDF–Medium Density Fibreboard–is used mostly indoors, on walls, and usually requires wall plugs to be set in drywall, but can also be mounted to brick walls with some preparation.  Floor stands are also an option.

FoamCore — 1 or 2 sided mounts

FoamCore–sometimes known as Foamboard–is the lightest of the indoor options available, and has possibilities to hang from a modular or drywall ceilling provided with the right mounting kit. Stand systems can also allow prints to stand upright on a flat surface.

Talk with us about your idea, we’ll dig into the details and get the job done right.

Your success is our staff’s top priority!

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