Don’t overlook the simple notepad in marketing your company.  It can be so subtly branded and provide true value in its usefulness.

When people have your pads, they will be using them again and again and again and again.  So much so that you might be asked “do you have more? I’m fresh out!”   They are that handy! And they will ask you since your company name, contact info, and logo are right there on each sheet.  A branded notepad can lend a helping hand too. They can be used anywhere for many tasks, and can be given to anyone—to your staff, vendors, potential customers, or family and friends. These pads are versatile, dependable, and handy … just like you.

Get creative with:
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Covers, hard or soft, bold digital colour
  • Ink Choices
  • Number of sheets per pad
  • Paper Stock Types
  • Edge-Glued, Coil-Bound, or Wire-Bound bindings

Your success is our staff’s top priority!

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